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Senior Advisor

the major foreign policy challenge?

That always seems to present early in a new administration.

Russia moving military assets toward Ukraine. A particular problem when 35% of Americans like Putin more than Biden.

In fairness, Dennison's was kinda sorta handled- I guess it was North Korea. While the situation was not improved in any way, it was moved off the area of public concern by a combination of Reality TV showmanship and a world of other Krazy.

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Senior Advisor

Re: the major foreign policy challenge?

I would treat it as a NATO problem, not a bilateral US/Russia deal.

Senior Contributor

Re: the major foreign policy challenge?

If Russia makes any more of a move on Ukraine than its already has I think it could be considered a world problem but maybe NATO at the front.


Might not be pretty any where.


Of course they got away with taking part of Ukraine already without much trouble from others

Senior Advisor

Re: Biden could ...

..move an armored division to the current Unkraine/Crimean border to give Putin something to bump into.