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Re: simple

it was on 3 networks on the 6 news --did you miss it it was on 3 days in a row

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Re:did you ck out unirants post on the debt

nuff said-- are you still running from me --his popsy was asinine to the hilt and evn felt the gao was off


Re: simple

What was this "it" that was reported on on the news?


 You are starting to sound like Bill Clinton.

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Re: simple

You've been exposed to enough of this moron's rant to know, he has not a clue about anything. Typical stump mentality! LOL!! He's a loser.

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BA - Just like Fox News

BA wrote: not only that the "bombers only threw pressure cookers" and wined about how that would lead to gun control if they had used guns, but he also added  "Why don`t just report the facts and let the public form their own opinions?  Like Fox News."


Ever heard of Sean Collier BA? Do you know how he died? Did you know there was also a "shootout" between other police and the Tsarnaev brothers? Not just bombs buddy. They had at least two illegal pistols and one long rifle.


Perhaps you should report the facts and let people form their own opinions, like Fox News. Perhaps since the guns have not been made a big deal, people have formed their own opinions.............


Sean Collier:


reprinted AP story on firearms:

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I have come to realize that LPman does all his work from a cell phone. That makes posting links hard and cost money to download data and it makes copying and pasting text hard and cost money too. He's supposed to be rich, so I guess it means he's cheap too.

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Re: so you dont watch news

np wondfer you haventy a clue to debate mer are you still running from me --a good sign yopu are benmeath me and will never catch upt like a goat and a hemi

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Re: read ori post slowly

too simple forgot you are an obamlite

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Re: BA - Just like Fox News

Knapper...true or false, Massachusetts already has stringent gun control laws, and they failed to prevent these terrorists from acquiring guns?


Also, the guns they had were...get this....ILLEGAL .


So passing more gun laws is going to solve what?


Its just a smoke screen to ignore the real issue here.

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Re: BA - Just like Fox News

The fact that the Tsarnaevs did acquire illegal arms (one of them tried legally, but he was not 21) and use them and that there is no giant pursuit of more firearms legislation as a result is the point of my reply to BA. He sounded worried about how it would impact him if the Tsarnaevs had guns, and they did. Criminals will always find ways to break the law, but that's no reason not to have laws.


That's your argument isn't it? People are going to break the law, so why have a law....