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the minumum wage scam

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"the move to boost the minimum wage  comes from unions — not workers."


"The Los Angeles Times recently described how Bill Martinez, a 53-year-old bellhop at the Sheraton Universal in Studio City, was thrilled when he heard the city council voted to raise the minimum wage at big hotels like the one he worked at. That would have boosted his hourly pay 71%.

Oops. The law in fact lets unionized hotels avoid the minimum. So even though Martinez pays $56.50 a month in dues to the union, he won’t get the raise. “That’s what really makes me mad,” he said.

But non-unionized hotels will have to pay the higher wage. So unionized hotels will now have a cost advantage. In short, the unions used minimum wage workers to generate more business for themselves. Please remember that the next time you hear some union spokesperson blabbing about “the working man.”

Nor is this an isolated case. In the national Fight for 15 movement, the Service Employees International Union has reportedly spent $70 million to raise the minimum wage. Why? They’re losing members fast. But if they can raise the cost to others of employing workers, they stand a good chance of protecting their own members’ jobs — and the millions in union dues they rake in each year."

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Re: the minumum wage scam

So, you're saying that the unions wouldn't like to make more money if their members made more money?  Get serious!  If they pay minimum wage and the minimum wage increases, the members would get it and if the members get it, then the union could raise their dues, thus the union would have more money.   Doesn't make a sense to me.  I have been in several unions in my life and anytime we got a contractual raise, our dues went up.  

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Re: the minumum wage scam

I suspect most union workers have a contract that is higher than the minimum wage. If they were above minimum wage what good would an minimum wage increase do for them if they were already making in excess of that?  MInimum wage increase doesn't mean every one gets a raise. Only those that working for less than the minimum. 


I think somebopdy is try to blow smoke up our derriere.  Now certainly on future wage negotiation may be increased due to contract negotiation. BUt If I was making $16 per hour I would not expect my wage top increase before a new contract was signed. Admittedly, some wage contracts do recognize the realtionship between minimum wage and current wages.