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the msm

one of the problems is that you have a lot of reporters who do their best but simply don't have the background knowledge to report on the matter at hand. Another is that you have publishers and editors who are terrified that people with massive wealth like Kochs or Trump (sorta) can unleash lawyers in a fashion that will make sure you lose regardless.

But anyway, if you have a couple of hours, a great youtube with a couple of guys who absolutely know more about their topics than the people they're covering (Greg Palast and David Cay Johnston).


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Re: the msm

Pulitzer prize winning financial journalist David Cay Johnston has covered the Trump family crime wave for 30 years. He was the recipient of the leaked copy of the front page of Trump's 2005 tax return.

When asked who he thought leaked it he replied "that would be Trump's lifelong MO." He's always used leaks to his advantage and while there wasn't enough of a return to tell much, he did pay some income tax that year.

He says that Trump has been involved with Russians since at least 1983- although at that time it was the NY expat mob. Since Putin came to power he's been groomed as a potential moonshot that happened to pay off fabulously.

A bit from Johnston


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Re: the msm

So even though this pulitzer prize winning fakeporter knew he was being played by Trump with his tax return he run with it anyway......HEE HEE HEE.


Re: the msm

It was news, and as he addresses- the journalistic code of ethics does not oppose using material from unknown sources if there isn't suborning of unlawful acts to obtain it.

I particularly like the little vignette about the case where Trump's accountant testified on the stand that Trump had altered a return but kept the accountant's signature on it.

Trump paid up, and the fine. But didn't go to jail.

Trump's association with drug kingpin Joseph Weichselbaum is also an interesting tale.