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the oft misquoted de Tocqueville

The reactionary moment, after the revolution, when even the most meager landowners who owed that the Revolution became reactionaries.

 'In the country all the landed proprietors, whatever their origin, antecedents, education or means, had come together, and seemed to form but one class: all former political hatred and rivalry of caste or fortune had disappeared from view. There was no more jealousy or pride displayed between the peasant and the squire, the nobleman and the commoner; instead, I found mutual confidence, reciprocal friendliness, and regard. Property had become, with all those who owned it, a sort of badge of fraternity. The wealthy were the elder, the less endowed the younger brothers; but all considered themselves members of one family, having the same interest in defending the common inheritance. As the French Revolution had infinitely increased the number of land-owners, the whole population seemed to belong to that vast family. I had never seen anything like it, nor had anyone in France within the memory of man...

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Re: the oft misquoted de Tocqueville

If only those trader’s ships had hauled their human bounty to Normandy rather than across the Atlantic those proprietors could have had something over the on the rubes.