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the stock market

did what it has always done in recent decades- threw a fit and held its breath until the Fed agreed to give in- now no more rate hikes until at least Q3 '19 and maybe even no QE unwind.


Which I think is wise, and not because of da boyz having a hissy fit. The #1 and #3 economies in the world- the EU and China- are slowing rapidly and the US is sure to follow now that the sugar high of tax cuts and exploding deficits is running out.


Leaving aside the policy issues on those matters, I imagine that global political issues will come to the fore before any of that shakes its own way out- i.e., exteme domestic political turmoil, Brexit and China trade talks.

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Re: the stock market

Sending large numbers of troops to Columbia on Venezuela standby.

Not sure what the repercussions will/would be when our brave boys come face to face with Russian troops in the street, backing the other side.

Caracas become Sarijavo?