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Senior Advisor

the trap theory

is still viable, but as you know, I think you should never overestimate Trump's intelligence or underestimate his cunning and duplicity.

So I'd say if he showed you something that's probably on 5% of it all and they're hoping that whooping hordes of knuckleheads will drown the whole thing out. Seems to operative here.

Hold out for the whistleblower report, the DOJ docs on the criminal referral from the IG, taxes, DB loan documents and all financial records of the Trump Org. since the election.

Congress has legal authority on all. Period.

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bruce MN

Re: the trap theory

Definitely.  As a function of inquiry. Not of impeachment.


Re: the trap theory

Biden was reluctant (at least pretended to be) to run for President. If he wasn't a candidate this really wouldn't be anything but looking for wrong doing of a former politician.  By becoming a candidate it becomes seeking foreign help in an election.(according to people who don't like Trump)  Would that be a trap. Just a what if. 

Senior Contributor

Re: the trap theory

@bruce MN wrote:

Definitely.  As a function of inquiry. Not of impeachment.

Maybe they can find some unpaid parking tickets or something.  Something gotta be something