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the ugly American

There's a great wellspring of good will toward the US around the world.


There's also a pretty universal dislike of the stereotypical unappealing American traits.


The Trump Administration and its base is basically trying to become the world's Jehovah's Witnesses whereby they go out and do things that annoy people then come back to the Kingdom Hal and feel righteous for being persecuted.

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Re: the ugly American

Not that it has anything to do with the price of corn, beans or tea in China but have been doing a bit of travel planning for later in the Summer and have discovered that international flight and destination bookings to The Land of the Free are approaching train wreck levels.

Trouble is we are planning to make a trek through Eastern Canada and are finding out that bookings there are extremely tight. International interest and a huge "staycation" factor.

Might have to message Canuck 2 and see if he has a spot for us in the bunkhouse.

Re: the ugly American

I'm sure that the terrorist attacks in places like KC and Portland have a lot more impact abroad than we might imagine.


On another note- was talking to a faculty member at Mizzou who said there was a big impact  from the bit of Ferguson blowback that occurred there- the Chinese students that everybody competes for to pay the bills that the taxpayers don't want to saw that stuff on line and- lacking any context to put it in perspective- wanted nothing to do with the place.


BTW, Mitch's new model for higher education is going very well- tops in the US for Chinese students- with about 1000 fewer in staters.


The job of a university president is politics- like generals- and he's done brilliantly. He's gotten some good press nationally, talks the talk and keeps the GOP legislature in the palm of his hand. While higher ed funding has been cut in Indiana, it is near the top of the list for the least.

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Re: the ugly American

Lots of room here bruce but we are in central Canada.


150 year celebration helping keep things busy in the tourist areas.


Are you going to the east coast? or just through Quebec Ontario?

Re: the ugly American

Will actually be leaving our carbon footprint from

Here to Thunder Bay and then over to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. Then back over to central Maine where one of our daughters has a place on a lake. Penciling in a ferry trip to Nova Scotua for a couple of days. Have been told that Halifax is one of those places that if you find yourself there you don't want to leave.


Coming back down through the states to catch the John Brown farm and Cooperstown and a couple of games in new to us ballparks.

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Re: the ugly American

You mean he's forced Purdue to tighten it's belt so the students can afford to go there and not be saddled with student debt for the rest of their lives. He's also started a high school in Indianapolis to prepare students to attend Purdue after they have graduated. Mizzou trouble is the student run the college. Any parent with any sense wouldn't allow their kid to go there. They should have kicked the football team out of school.

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Re: the ugly American

Bruce, I live in Northern Maine and have traveled around New Brunswick.  The ferry trip is a great one. From Halifax back to the states you could check out the Bay of Fundy (some of the highest tides in the world), Campobello Island where FDR had a summer home; open as a museum.  Or check out Fredericton, NB; the capital. Very walker friendly downtown with self guided tours, lots of historic buildings including old barracks from the military site on the St. John River, and some fantastic old churches and cemeteries.

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Re: the ugly American

Well there`s pickpockets in Rome, in Barcelona you may be slipped a mickey and wake up a day later in a house hoping your butt is still okay, the Parisians are rude and a hub of human trafficking if you are to believe the "Taken" movies. In Latin America and Middle East you consider it a successful trip if you weren`t taken hostage and held for ransom or beheaded by drug dealers or terrorists.  In the Africas, it was a good trip if there isn`t worms in your stool.  ...So, we have a pretty damned good country, if you stay out of the heavily Democrat urban areas after dark.


When there`s a earthquake or a tinhorn dictator threatening, then the United States is their dear dear friend, however when suggested that they pay their agreed upon 2% of GDP for their defense, then it`s "Boo boo USA hissss...F you Trump!  Booooo" .   So you know what?  F them!   They want to sneak in this country, even the damned liberals that PROMISED to leave if Trump was elected...well we can`t miss them if they ain`t gone.




Re: the ugly American

Tuition is rising it is just shifting into a three tier system- get as many out of state students as possible, and raise that rate as high as the market will bear, put surcharges on the high value tech majors and freeze the base. A not entirely bad "market" solution, but what it is.


As I said, about 80% ideological hooha and smoke and mirrors but that is the nature of that game and it has been highly successful in maintaining most of the state funding as compared to the other states.


I'm sure that he would act in an authoritarian matter if there was any challenge to order but that's a mostly hypothetical in WL anyway. Even in the anti-war days, not a lot of activity there. And he apparently doesn't care a lot about having a losing football program anyway.


As opposed to the other flagship south of Indy where the core of the Symbionese Liberation Army sprang out of the IU theater department.

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Re: the ugly American