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thinking about how weird the world is.

Still amazingly astounding.  Absolutely unbelievable.  If 10 years ago someone had told you a nominee for the supreme court of the USA could not answer the question "what is a woman?" you would have thought them insane.    Seriously, who could have predicted that?

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Re: thinking about how weird the world is.


You like paying north of $1000/T for NH 3 so then you can whine about it?

Senior Contributor

Re: thinking about how weird the world is.

The follow up question should have been, are you a woman?  And to that, if you could not say what a woman is how can you say you are or are not one?

But it's clown world.   All bets are off. 

There is even people running around who said for years we have to defund the oil industry who now stand around, "what? Defund oil? Who said that? That's crazy talk.  Russian disinfo."