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third and fourth party candidates

I'm not able to find the exact number of state ballots that Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party are on but I've seen somewhere, independently, that it is more than 30 for each. I'm also not sure when all those processes close.


If there really are many Paul republicans out there, Johnson falls right in the wheelhouse, likewise for Stein for any Bernie purists.


The pins aren't competely set for the Election Season From Hell but maybe close. And if it comes to pass I'm thinking both of those candidates may have an impact in some key places.


It may get pretty crazy at the end with everyone primarily making decisions on who they're voting against or whether they're going to punt and lodge a protest vote.


BTW, of all the fracturing tribes, true social conservatives are the odd lot out in that 4 way race.


Make it 5? Who?

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Ryan-type professional movement conservatives are also not represented.


It is theoretically possible to combine types 5 and 6 with the right candidate. That's the gist of what is going on in the GOP the last couple days although I predict if they do something they'll screw it up just like they have everything else in the past year.


My guess, which is worth about what the opinions of most prognosticators have been, is that they'll look at their recent track record, triangulate the the odds and cave to Trump.

Re: third and fourth party candidates


Re: third and fourth party candidates

If Trump can nab Newt as his running mate there will be confidence that they have it all covered b
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Re: third and fourth party candidates

News here today is saying that all 3 of the Bush men say they will NOT vote for Trump.

Does that indicate a deep schism?


Think they will vote for Hillary or one of those other candidates?

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Re: third and fourth party candidates

Well, Rand Paul endorsed Trump....I honestly don`t know what these whinning "Glenn Beck Republicans" are so upset about.  Trump is pro-2nd amendment, anti-baby killin`, pro strong military, pro lower taxes, the Paul Ryan crowd should at least look at that and compare to Hillary and on those 4 items alone Trump should win over 98% of every Republican.


I suppose if you`re a Bush or Lindsey Graham you`re upset that the people rejected your campaign and need time to lick you wounds.  If you`re George Will or Bill Krystol, you`re mad that that you didn`t have the power to persuade the people against Trump.  If you`re a rich Republican that hires alot of Mexicans, you`ll never like Trump, if you`re the ceo of a factory that moved overseas and you`re getting big bonuses every year for lowering the company`s labor costs you`ll never like Trump.


Any Republican in the work-a-day world shouldn`t have a problem with Trump.  He has been consistent from the past in talking about the US getting screwed in trade deals.  Trump has brought many new people into the party.  Anyone that calls themselves "conservative " and can`t support Trump are just bitter.