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this is good news

MANHATTAN (CN) - A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction late Wednesday to blockprovisions ofthe2012 National DefenseAuthorization Act that would allow the military to indefinitely detain anyone it accuses of knowingly or unknowingly supporting terrorism. Signed by President Barack Obama onNew Year's Eve, the 565-page NDAA containsa shortparagraph,in statute1021,letting themilitary detain anyone it suspects "substantially supported"al-Qaida,the Taliban or"associated forces." The indefinite detention wouldsupposedly last until "theend ofhostilities." In a 68-page ruling blocking this statute, U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest agreed that the statute failed to "pass constitutional muster" because its broad language could be used to quash political dissent. "There is a strong public interest in protecting rights guaranteedby the First Amendment,"Forrest wrote. "There is also a strong public interest in ensuring that due process rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment are protected by ensuring that ordinary citizens are ableto understandthe scope of conduct that could subject them to indefinite military detention."
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BA Deere
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Re: this is good news

There are small glimmers of hope out there, just when I`m about to give up and put the shotguns, rifles into the 4 wheel drive and head for the retreat in the Rockies, I see that America still has more good people and Judges than bad.  Even politicans are waking up, there`s a Representative from North Carolina (must be alot of really good folks there)  has an impeachment bill for President Obama if he ever pulls a crazy stunt like "Libya" again!  Obama has the fcuked up notion that he doesn`t need congressional approval to go to war, he thinks that he only needs the United Nations` approval. At any rate this N Carolina Congressman needs our support   

Re: this is good news

How serious who you take it if a dem congressman had a resolution to take action the NEXT time an account got Corzined? If its an impeachable offense its an impeachable offense. Disclosure, I didn't have time to watch the vid.