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those fake polls

Another state legislative seat flips blue by a 20-25 point margin vs. Trump's tally, this time in MO (where there may be some aggravating local factors).


Seems the norm, has been 15 pts or so, which is substantially greater than national polls on Trump would suggest should be happening.


I'll conclude the obvious- Trump is a turnout machine- for the other side. Seems about as simple as can be- if your strategy is to hold your 40% support by creating hostility to everyone outside that tent, there is going to be a reaction.


GOP is going to lose the house and statehouses- the only real question is by how much.


I wouldn't rule out the mega money hitting enough key Senate races with a mud tsunami and holding the Senate, given the huge advantage in number of seats in play. Maybe they can march their rented mules to the polls one more time.



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The successful effort to reduce enthusiasm and turnout for the Clinton campaign was a one off.