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time to abolish Thanksgiving



Just for hardnox etal ;


"We shouldn’t be dealing with our racist conservative relatives at Thanksgiving dinner at all because we shouldn’t be having a Thanksgiving dinner in the first place.



Thanksgiving is violence. It is an act of aggression against Native Americans, 


Thanksgiving dinner unfolds, according to what I read in my gender studies textbook: A group of barefoot women are locked in the kitchen for days, forced to prepare a sumptuous feast for their domineering husbands. The men all drink scotch and smoke cigars in the living room while laughing about the underpaid employees they fired right before the holidays. Finally the food is brought to the table and the men scarf it down while shouting homophobic and ethnocentric slurs. Then they retreat to the basement to tell racist jokes while the women clean the dishes and slink meekly off to bed. Studies show that most Thanksgiving observances happen exactly like this."



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Re: time to abolish Thanksgiving

People today think their food originated at the supermarket. The concept of having a day to give thanks for a bountiful harvest is lost on them. But a day of Thanksgiving has been replaced with a day to celebrate the beginning of shopping season