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Re: time to equalize social security

good post...since the higher middle income folks subsidize the SS system and don't really get all that much more SS, it is time to just scrap the way it works, put a smaller percentage tax..say 2.5 percent on all income, and pay retired people equally. Better still would be to means test social security and just pay the truly needy , and encourage people to fund their own retirements. Personal responsibility. Then maybe we could get by with a one percent tax on all income. Let people keep more of their own money, and they can subsidize who they see fit to.


the poor people with $500 per month social security need it a whole lot more than the rich people that use their SS checks to travel all over the globe with their checks. We see a lot of that here, right?


Having said that, I am going to take my checks and have fun, too if the money is still there in ten years....and hope I live to be 102 and laugh all the way to the bank each month.