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time to reign in speech

I think once we get the guns out of the country it will be time to curtail a lot of the hate speech.  It's dangerous to have all these right wing nut cases spouting their racial hate towards President Obama and his party in general.


The constant attacks on President Obama's policies and on the poor in America has to stop as it's dangerous. 

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is it necessary

I thought you just wanted to have them killed, they won't be talking much.
BA Deere
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Re: time to reign in speech

Couldn`t agree more, as long as there`s one Republican left alive, there will be no peace for the wicked Smiley Happy

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Re: is it necessary

Look at the name of the author and then look at mine!


Re: is it necessary

Well **bleep** Don would you quit sneaking around.
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Re: what racial speech ????

only the FACTS --are you a communist and an athesist ????--no wonder you are an obamolite GOTCHA GOOD!!!!