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trade deficit hits 12 year high for month

The problem of "leakage" of stimulus.

Folks are, for now, buying goods, or at least certain ones, particularly building supplies, consumer durables. A lot of those are imported, meaning we're stimulating the economies of China et al. Has produced a bounce in trucking etc.

Services, a larger part of the economy and the part that is primarily domestic remains in the crapper overall.

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Re: trade deficit hits 12 year high for month

I heard yesterday from a carpenter friend of mine, that they are having lots of trouble sourcing all sorts  of items they need in building....anything.   Lack of truck drivers to bring in needed goods to the stores. under Trump......just a bed of roses, until you take off the glasses, and see the stained sheets of what has become America......

Republicans can't win an election, without lying.....


Esteemed Advisor

Re: trade deficit hits 12 year high for month

BTW, assuming Biden and a D Senate and we embark on some infrastructure spending, reshoring of essential industry etc., there will need to be some means to limit the amount of the stimulus that leaks out.

Although that becomes a problem with the many existing bilateral trade agreements like NAFTA2 etc.