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trump is above the law....that's what he thinks

even in my system being attacked by bacteria....i can see this is wrong.


trump used his tweeter to attack the judge that ruled aginst him........"so called judge" trump, this fellow IS a judge, that

even YOU have do do what he know a man your age throwing a temper fit is not impressive...leave alone president

of the united states



i don't know if this link will work.....but a very good read.......this is not from someone for the far side.....but a conservative

republican from wisconsin......i think you could agree, he would not be "far out there".


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Re: trump is above the law....that's what he thinks

Does Trump lie? probably


Did Obama lie? absolutely


Did Bush lie? yep


Did Clinton lie? That was proven


Does the news media lie? Yessir


There seems to be a pattern here- might as well get used to it

Senior Advisor

Re: trump is above the law....that's what he thinks

The problems aren't new, didn't start with Trump, nor the current media, yet the problems have become much more pronounced during the past few years.  In looking at the links posted here, CNN and Washington [NY] Times, before reading, one already knows the "slant" or "spin" to be expected.  That said, I thought the Times article was very well written.  The problem with ALL of the major media sources over the last few years has been the gradual creep of opinion over fact.  Then we also have all the "alternative" media, and of course the Tweeter in Chief.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to ascertain the actual fact, separate from the "spin", because they have been entertwined within the context of the story, all presented as fact.  If we do not independently dissect the story, and accept the media's editorial as fact, then history will show the public was manipulated by all of them.  The only way to combat misinformation is to think independently, identify the actual facts of the story (if any)  separate from the opinion, editorial and spin.  It's easy and fast to simply accept what has been conveniently packaged for our consumption.  With minimal effort, one can access and read stories on the same subjects from "the other side".  Absent a factsheet of indisputable truths, the actual "truth" is usually somewhere between the extremes presented.  Most stories can usually be boiled down to one or two basic facts, a couple of sentences, or a couple of phrases -- the rest is editorial, opinion, "spin" attempts to convince the rest of us that what the writer is saying is "the rest of the story", and no other opinions matter.  These problems are unfortunately evident in all the major media news sources, and worsen as one looks at the "lessor" sources such as Brietbart, Occupy Democrat, etc.

Re: trump is above the law....that's what he thinks

Maybe a small point WC but it was the New York Times. The Washington Times is a Murdoch, NewsCorp outfit, sister to FOXNews and you likely wouldn't have found that view there. 


But, yeah, a good piece. 

Senior Advisor

Re: trump is above the law....that's what he thinks

Yep, my mistake while typing, I did read both of links.