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trying to explain how oppresed we are to a foreign born person.

trying to explain how oppressed we are to a foreign born person.

Well no, you can't pay a person less than a certain amount if you have a certain size business.  The government has set a minimum wage you have to pay. There is no child labor, forced labor or slavery. You actually get paid a decent amount.


No, you can't build anything you want on your land because the government has set zoning laws that limit what you can build or do on your property. No one can build a hog farm next door to you in the city, or open a motel, or build a bar in their backyard in your neighborhood.


No, you can't keep all of the money you earn because the government has laws that take part of your earnings for their use. With that money, if you are a farmer, you can get paid for crop losses or subsidized on what you grow. You can go to a library and get books to read for part of what you paid. You can go to a lake and fish and there is no landowner that will keep you out. When you quit working, you can actually get some money back to get by on and when you turn 65 and get sick, they will take care of most of your medical bills - you don't have to die if you get too sick. There's more such as cheap electriciity, gas and food, but there is so much to explain. Meanwhile, they will keep you safe from invaders with our military, but those guys waste a lot of money too.


No, you can't keep your property if you don't pay the government a certain amount that they determine each year. This is called property tax, but if you have children, grandchildren, nieces, nephwes or just kids you care about, they get to go to school from the time they are 5 or 6 to 17 or 18 years old. You also get fire protection in most places and emergency assistence from the firemen. Some of the money may go to libraries or roads or the legal system and even pay to put bad people in jail. This is a long one to explain as well.


No, you can't go without health insurance because the government has laws that force you to buy or have health insurance, but hey, you won't have to go to an emergency room if you are sick and pay hundreds of dollars just because you get the flu or go broke because one of your kids got in an automobile accident. If you have a condition like diabeties, cancer, aids or whatever, the insurance companies can't turn you down or say that they have spent enough on you and you just have to die.


No, you can't own a gun of a certain type in some area's because those area's don't like guns and have passed laws to prohibit you from owning a gun, but heck...we have the most liberal gun laws in the world and if you want to carry one anywhere you go, most places will let you do that if you take a short and simple course. Heck, if you love guns, you can stock up on enough arms and ammo to pretty much start a small war. It's a two edged sword there are so many freedoms. Just hope some nut doesn't shoot you or your kids because most places, pretty much anything goes.


But, we are sort of free to say what we want so long as it's not done in public.  If you say something against the government in public nothing will happen. All in all, you can say what you want, when you want. Heck, if you want to call te President himself a communist, you can do it right here. You can even call him racist names and spew racist remarks, but I realize that's not what good people do, but you have the right if you like. You can certainly make any speech you want, write the newspaper editor and join any political or civil rights group you want and it will just be a normal thing and you won't go to jail if you don't break a law. It won't matter what color or religion you are - say what you want. It's OK.


Darn, I don't know why people from other lands can't see how free we are....really, I don't.