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turn in your gold, FDR made you do it.

I think a lot of people will find that at some point they will have to turn in their gold.  FDR made it illegal to own gold and it's reasonable to believe Hillary will eventually do the same.


Just as the government has removed the higher dollar value currency from the public with the alleged reason being drug users won't be able to hold as much cash easily they can use the same lame excuse to remove gold.


It will also stop people from leaving the country with their wealth or funding alternative political parties.

But the excuse will be either drug pushers or terrorists. 


Just one of many new restrictions that will come eventually.

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Re: turn in your gold, FDR made you do it.

BTW, South Korea emerged from the Asian Crisis much, much quicker than anyone expected and has been on a tear since.


The government asked people to voluntarily exchange their gold for won and the reponse was overwhelming. They melted it down and used it to collateralize a better deal with the IMF.


But as my Korean friends remind me, their parents and grandparents were very poor- literally hungry for years on end.


Just a bit of a civics lesson for the survival bunker crowd.


Of course for better or worse, the ROK is a very homogeneous ethnic population, which has a bearing on it.