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twins win!

minnesota twins clinched the american league central last night. (chicago lost) cool that a "small market " team like them can still be competive.  new stadium and great attendance makes it a great time for minneapolis. Now, if they can just win the american league pennant. wonder what playoff tickets will be going for?

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Re: twins win!

And to think MLB was trying to squeeze the Twins out of existence a few years ago.  The Twinkies are a fun team to watch and have had several players step in and play good ball.   Pretty amazing how well they have done without the injured Morneau but I hate to think they might  have to go into the playoffs without Mauer now.  They might have to finally move their young stud 3rd baseman up in the batting order.


Couple of other baseball notes.  Anyone see the Yankees relief pitcher tonight.  He came into the game and proceeded to walk two of the first five batters he faced.  The other three batters he hit with pitches.  Tied the record for hitting three batters in a row and the whole time the Yankee skipper refused to have anyone warming up in the bull pen.


A couple of nights ago I flipped over to WGN to see how the White Sox game was going to see if the Twins would be able to clinch their division.  Just as I switched channels the White Sox announcers were talking about the Twins outfielder Denard Span and saying something about how they wouldn't let it slide like they did in the past with then Twins player Torri Hunter.  Anybody watching that can tell me what they were talking about?  After a couple of minutes listening to the White Sox TV announcers I realized just how good of announcers the Twins have on their TV broadcasts.

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Re: twins win!

Stone and Harrelson on WS TV are the worst I've ever heard in 50+ years of listening to and watching sports broadcasts.


Thought you guys might enjoy this. From some of the best of teh Twin Cities music scene: