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Senior Advisor

ugly market day coming

The pros waited to get the Fed out of the way before getting back to work eradicating the Robinhood crowd.

Actually, the worst possible scenario for the folks who have been buying calls like crazy and printing money would be to actually close out in the money- the their potential losses are unlimited, not just a matter of getting their gains wiped out.

I don't think this is particularly data driven but weekly/continued claims suggest that nearly as many jobs are going out the back door as are coming in the front.


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Senior Advisor

Re: ugly market day coming

Or should I say we’ll find out for sure if the fix is in.

Which would just ensure more damage and chaos down the line.

Probably should be the default assumption.

One thing for sure- I haven’t figured out the math on how the pros best get themselves out of their pickle, which was caused by massive gubmint Moral Hazard.

Senior Contributor

Re: ugly market day coming

Must be a bummer not having a penny to your name hoping the country sinks into total failure.