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uh oh

Before we go into details of the complicated money laundering scheme in the next article later today...:

  1. What are the names of two CIA undercover officers who visited the General Prosecutor office and talked to Lutsenko Yuriy demanding that he close the cases on any of Burisma related matters?
  2. Why Burisma related cases were closed at General Prosecutors’ office after that visit and were transferred to NABU and SAP (special prosecutor’s office)? What is the role of NABU and SAP in keeping the cases closed? How did George Kent influence NABU?
  3. Why Burisma cases were stopped for investigation at NABU and SAP in Ukraine?
  4. Why General Prosecutor office in Ukraine (led by Lutsenko Yuriy) denied to send investigative information on Zlochevskiy (beneficiary at Burisma Holdings) and Burisma to the UK Financial Fraud Office? The UK Large Financial Fraud Office released Zlochevskiy and closed the investigation. Check the link.
  5. What was the name of the Latvian “shell” transaction company used by Burisma holdings to transfer the money to Rosemont Seneca Partners (owned and operated by Biden’s family, Archer, Heinz)?
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Re: uh oh

Looks like Q is branching out into something called Creative Destruction Media.

Sounds quite Shumpeterian, though.