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Re: Democrats run away from Wisconsin

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I agree with you that this is going to alter the landscape, but not so sure as dramticly as you do. There are still all sorts of people who are moderate and who bounce from party to party that are going to be spooked by much of what else is going to come with this latest GOP resurgence.  Not sure that many will digest it  entirely in terms of politics so much as they will culturally. But it does lean towards a significant continued advantage for the GOP.


Nonetheless, this situation has my aging Democratic cells quivering. It exposes an attitude that has been as easy for Democratic leadership to dismiss, very much in the very same way and manner  that Republican leadership has dismissed the possible effects that social and cultural radicalism always have in the end. 1994 didn't last.....and this new Palinism is a cracked vessel. But blind ideaology can break down any institution and there is a critical mass of institutional Democrats who don't see what is happening. Who have no frame of reference for it.


The Democrats weakness, surely for the present term, is more significant...more endemic. It's loaded heavy with a "petty bourgeoise" mass of people who feel that they are going to somehow continue to get paid for their loyalty and idealism. Among them are millions of dedicated and hard working public employees and educators. It's an insult to the best of them for conservatives to bundle them all together. But it's not so much their dedication or their performance that is the issue here. It's the stagnant state of our economy that is...particlularly our social economy. Which is why it's so painful to see so many of them in the dark as this general  depression progresses


I ran across this earlier written by an old school cold warrior, WASP,  from the "influential class" player.  It's exceedingly rational, I don't find myself agreeing with everything in it, but he gets to some of the guts of what we face if we don't fix some things. Sadly, he ignores, or maybe intentionally brushes off the crimes of the gangsters of big finance and of their accomplices in the apolitical govt. financial watchdog departments and agencies. But, generally, I found it to be good food for thought.