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Re: Democrats run away from Wisconsin

It isn't that the center cannot hold, it didn't hold and in fact caved like a mud dam in a 500 year flood.


Gotta pick a side or stand aside completely.


It ins't my nature to stand aside, thus I've chosen to stand with the "left". Never, in a million years thought I'd be aligned with teachers unions etc., but it is at it is.


the problem is that it isn't even possible to go to war with the plutocrats you'll just end up facing their astroturf proxies which is completely unsatisfying.


No fun at all.


Best, h

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

It`s Doyle`s fault    See, Doyle gave newly elected Repulican Governor Dale Walker Smiley Happy  the news he would have to deal with a $2.2 billion deficit in the next two years, it was Democrats that handed  the hot mess way back in November to Walker.  Now Walker is being the only grownup in the room telling the kiddies that there is no Santy Claus, and the kiddies are pitching a fit!  It`s almost as bad as what former Clodhopper Governor Chet handed to Terry Branstad here in Iowa.  Unions have a place in coal mines and such, but it is CRIMINAL the state employees have unions, they coerce retirement packages and wages that are imposible for the taxpayers to keep up with. Wisconsin isn`t the only state with these problems in the future many other shoes will drop. State(and local and federal) goverment`s paramount obligation is to the taxpayer.....Period!!

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Re: It`s Doyle`s fault

Criminal???   I think they are within the law but you don't like the law. Why are you so down on unions because they negotiate their compensation? Don't you bargain with landlords and realators and machinery dealers seed salesmen fertilizer retailers etc etc.


And it is only labor that you criticize for negotiating jusy like you doi each and every day of the year.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: It`s Doyle`s fault

That`s just it Don, there`s very little room for negotiations in farming anymore.  Landlord says "I want $300 or the guy on the other side of the county gets it" Go to buy a piece of machinery and they say,"The best I can do is $500 off, I might have to hold it til spring but I can ask more and it`ll sell then!"......Fertilizer?   "It`s $800/ton today, tomorrow it`ll go up ...$850/ton!!!". I know the era you`re refering to Don that was 20 yrs ago if you had a load of hogs to sell you`d call your 5 regular buyers and jew around to see who wanted `em the most, these are different times and I`m sure it`s the same in other businesses as well. See, if my landlord wanted $300 and I wanted it but not for that price What should I do?  Carry a picket sign and block his driveway???  Why they`d haul me off to the nuthouse  Smiley Tongue  If these Wisconsin goldbrickers don`t like their cushy gummint jobs, why don`t they "show" the state and up and quit?  Get a job in the real world, see if we could possibly get along without their valuable services  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: landlords as bad as greed unions


BA, what should that landlord get in ROI?     rent  it to you for say $150  on $5000  investment! . remember rent is based  those inflated land values,  you know, ,the land you don't want to pay any type of capital gains on  because the value is result  of  inflation.    But according to your thinking  the landlords shouldn't  be basing  his rent according to those inflated values.   Maybe you should consider a job in the real world.     If $300 rent doesn't pencil out  for your operation even with the govt support added  you do the smart thing  move on......  ROI is name of the game

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

did I say.....

That $300 is too much for rent?  ...No.      Did I say I wouldn`t pay $300 for rent??   No.     Did I say what a landlord should have for return their on investment???  No, if I was asked I would say he or she should get whatever they would be happy with.   I only stated that there is very little negotiation in farming today, which I believe to be true. Nothing more, nothing less.