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Re: To be a liberal Democrat you must:


When Being Pro-America Makes You Anti-Democrat!

by J.B. Williams

The process of self-governance has always been a messy business that is never quite finished. Balancing the varied interests of nearly 300 million citizens from all corners of the earth, all ethnic, religious and ideological backgrounds, brought to America and melded into one society is not easy and it is sometimes downright ugly.

But in recent years, our nation has polarized into two very distinct camps and though there are many mild single issue variations within those two camps, the polarizing issues break down to pure pro versus anti-American ideals and sentiments.

Today, being pro America--supporting America, its founding principles, its fundamental ideals, its policies and its national interests, most likely means that you are anti-Democrat. No matter how hard the Democratic Party works to drive Bush or Republican approval rating into the toilet, the effort just doesn't seem to take root with the American people. Even when Democrats are successful in undermining public support for their political opponents in the polls, those polls indicate that their own ratings drop even faster and farther in that effort.

Free unfettered self-determination, through personal (including economic) liberty, a free market capitalist economy, freedom OF religion, freedom OF speech, freedom OF thought and expression, the right to fail or succeed at one's own hand, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the right to one's own earnings, the right to a safe secure nation, to raise our children as we see fit and the right to self-governance accordingly, these are the fundamental principles America was founded and built upon.

The simple fact is, most Americans are not anti-religion or religious speech, not anti-capitalism or free market society, not anti-military or national security, not federal dependents and not interested in relying upon any commune to raise their young or determine their place or worth in society. Today, this also means that they are not Democrats…

Though Democrats bristle at any suggestion that they are in any way anti-American, the fact is, their agenda is at odds with nearly every American principle today and average people able to see that, just can't get over it, no matter how bad the alternatives might appear.

If you understand and support our mission in Iraq, you are anti-Democrat. If you seek to secure our borders, you are anti-Democrat. If you support hunting and killing terrorists on foreign soil to avoid another 9/11, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe in a free market capitalist economy, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe in limited federal government, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe that a right to life itself is the first personal liberty, you are anti-Democrat. If you have more faith in the US than the UN, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe in national sovereignty and autonomy, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe in free religious expression in the public square, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe in personal property rights, you are anti-Democrat. If you believe our justice system is based upon equal application of existing laws, not an unbridled extension of our legislative branch, you are anti-Democrat.

But if you believe in most or all of these things, you are most importantly pro-America. If you fight to support and defend true American ideals, even just at the polls, you are by definition, a true patriot, one who loves, supports and defends his/her nation and its principles. And you are not a Democrat today…no matter where your voter registration card might be filed.

Your great grandparents, your grandparents and your parents might have been life-long Democrats--mine were. But based on our nation's history, they must not have been anti-America.

Today's Democratic Party platform is based almost exclusively on anti-American ideals and sentiments. What was once the party of the average American has evolved into the party of the average anti-American. Today's Democrats don't only hate George Bush--I could live with that… They hate everything America is, has ever been or was ever intended to be, their policy platform says so and that, I can not live with. Neither can most Americans…

In the central federal government they trust, not the people. In communal socialist principles they believe, not the free right to self-determination. They can't even support the most fundamental personal liberty of all, the right to life, let alone the liberty to pursue one's own happiness without the constant interference of the federal government.

While our soldiers fight and die for freedom abroad, they attack our soldiers, their missions, their commanders and the military leadership as a whole, here at home. They attack the earned assets of investors who create jobs in search of profits. They attack corporations who employ Americans in the production of their products and services. None of these ideas or negative sentiments are American. Yet they are the foundation of today's Democratic Party platform.

Democratic minions in the mass media work to create the false impression that these ideas are mainstream American ideas, supported by a majority of Americans. But DNC voter registrations have continually dropped for decades and true average Americans have been systematically removing liberal Democrats from office since the Carter administration. They have even run old-time liberal media moguls like Dan Rather from their own news desks…

The truth is, today's DNC is supported by only nine of 51 states. In order of political contribution, they are Washington DC, California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. The vast majority of DNC funding comes from these nine states, really about 10 cities. The rest of the nation is overwhelmingly conservative in their political aspirations today.

It's no accident that these nine states also represent the highest income earners in our nation. It isn't the average little people who support today's DNC, but rather a relative few wealthy limousine liberal elitists from these nine states, most of whom have a vested interest in the process of political power. They outspend the average American campaign donor by a 5—1 margin and when you spend that much money on politics, you have to call it an investment. Washington DC, the power-broker capital of the world, residents outspend average Americans 10-1 in political contributions. Who lives in Washington DC--average Americans?

The point is this… no matter what the polls of the liberal propaganda machines say, being pro-America today equals being anti-Democrat. Even Democrats know it, though they can't afford to admit it. Instead, in their minds, pro-American means mindlessly pro-Bush.

So I look for the trend of removing democrats from office to continue in 2006 and 2008 and until such time that the DNC decides to distance itself from the anti-American policies and sentiments of the secular socialists currently running roughshod over their party.

Fortunately, the average American is not as foolish as the DNC has bet. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that anti-American is as anti-American does. Regardless of their rhetoric, their policies remain anti-America on almost every issue. As long as it does, real Americans will continue to remove them from office with some pleasure. A few liberal Republicans along the way too.

JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. JB. Williams can be reached at: 

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Re: To be a liberal Democrat you must:

Isnt there a procedure where you have to have about 80 per cent of your brain removed, too?

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Re: To be a liberal Democrat you must:

Not sure but it would have to be done in Democrats.  It is not necessary in Repigs as it is hereditary.

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Being labeled a liberal....