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Re: Kudo's to Rahm Emanuel

Emanuel , like probably the majority of American Jews, is at heart a fiscally conservative republican type, that knows money, how to spend it, how to acquire it, how to save it. The only reason that the Democratic party in American gets 70% of Jews to vote for their candidates is they have a quid pro quo arrangement that gives political support to Israel. America is just a place to make the money to finance their real homeland.


How else would you explain why Rahm Emanuel went to Israel during the 1990's gulf war to help defend his country against a perceived attack from Saddam Hussein?


Enter johnaa

You've got that description of the situation so completely f'd up and 180 degrees transverse that it makes it hard to believe you can even keep your thoughts arranged. 


That 70 % or so, wherever you came up with that number...I'm expecting that you just had to reach down behind yourself and tugg slightly, are socially and cultural liberal. It's a small %, albeit a very powerful group, that impose a Ziojnist litmus test.  The vast majority of North American Jews are secular and if into religion at all are very much into the ecumenical movement, which would the direct across the way opposite in every way of Zionism, Christian Zionism and any other fundamentalist arms of the major religions.


You could make a good member of the Minn House of Represtatives GOP are good at making things up.

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Re: Enter johnaa

I only have anecdotal evidence to support this but I`ve always thought that Jews had a fear of being "converted" by Conservative Christians.  Also the additudes of some Traditionalists was "They killed Jesus"  and "there`s a Jew in New York that looks out the window every Monday and determines what the price the farmer will get that week" all that backward thinking has chased ethnic groups into the party with the biggest tent.  There always had been alot of prejudices against Jews and Irish, both are extremely successful at whatever they choose to do. Democrats sort of come accross(wrongfully so) as compasionate, so if an outsider wants to fit in that`s the party you go to, after that it`s all generational.  Bruce, saw your Jewish buddy Al Frankin at Farm Fest the other day, he was funny, not exactly a standing room only crowd with thunderous applause.  He said he had roots in Albert Lea, nice guy inspite of his politics.


One thing you surely are is dependable

If, as by your own admission here, if there is ever the need for any "man on the street", "everybody knows" conventional wisdom inspired anecdotes to spice or muddle up a conversation you (and wehav and 3020) can be counted on to come up with one or two. In this case, a full list of time honored stuff. 


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Re: One thing you surely are is dependable

I just gave my opinion on "why Jews are Democrats" and freely admit..up front it`s just an idea.  There are Conservative Jews: Peter Schiff, Eric Cantor, Laura Schlissinger, Ben Stein, Micheal Medved ect so I`m not willing to concede that all Jews are libs.  Bruce, you are a fine one to be poking a finger at a "common man"  You smart alecks on here regrugitate the opinions of other "common men" Kunsler, Ty Durden, Denninger, Aljezera News, ect all of it cherry picked to support your world view.  How are those on the latter list`s opinion of any more value than any of us other "common men"?   See Bruce, you smart alecks read that "It`s raining outside"and believe it, many of the rest of us have actually been outside and can tell you that not only is it not raining, the sun is shinning.

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Re: One thing you surely are is dependable

Good line about some of us actually having had been outside.


I wish Bruce would share his background with us a little more so we could understand his world view. He has written that both he and his wife were paying the maximum in social security taxes, and he comes across as a retired government employee. His ag interests seem to be inherited property that he feels guilty about receiving subsidies on.


Bruce, if you are reading this, feel free to comment. I think you read a lot, but like BA wrote, you are very selective in what you choose to share, wanting to shore up your own views. I am curious about whether you actually have any experience in ever running a business. You seem so out of touch with the reality of the business world, sharing that attribute with the big Zero.




Re: One thing you surely are is dependable

Sitting here wondering why the two of you would thinkn that my "background" or status as a retired govt. employee (which I am not) or a quilt ridden inheritance farmer (farmer, but not by inheritance) or side street pimp, professional wrestler or brain surgeon would have to do with my response to BA's silly little andecote and stereotype ridden fabrication on Jews in politics in the U.S. ?


I could post an exhaustive resume here I suppose, refereces, tax records, school transcripts, credit rating, parcel# I.D.s that would be subject to open info laws that you could check the chain of ownership on, geneological data etc. but how would any of that explain to you two who want to condense everything into bits and chips anything about my political views? You;ve got determined that bywhat someone does or what he or she owns his or here views should be shaped. As if there is some obligation.


As for what I link here, read what you want. I'm still waiting for somebody to respond to the Chomsky article. What he says there, his acknowledgement of the capitlaistc system being worth saving,  is probably too much to handle. It fractures a prejudice, lowers the aresenal.