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Hawken Cougar
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Re: In reference to the National Debt........  According to Krugman we`ve all been too concerned about the national debt Smiley Happy  nobody understands it.  "We owe it to ourselves" I bet that I could do a little digging and find some Krugman quotes of how the "sky is falling!  The nat debt is $7 Trillion and 60% of GDP!"  during the Bush years. Krugman is pretty forgiving when theres a socialist in office.  As to who said your quote, Hawken?  Well it sounds like something that Hussein 0bama would say.

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Re: In reference to the National Debt........

The scary thing is, there are those who think that the best place to find enough dirt to fill it in, is at the bottom.

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Re: In reference to the National Debt........

I have a pretty good gues where 3.7 trillion of that came from. Perhaps Congress should have funded the wars? Instead, they cut revenue. I thought we should have quit a long time ago. As for the other things, I'll take them on separately. It takes diesel to run a backhoe and that cost money, but no one paid for the fuel or the operator.