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Re: Been reading about the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

Can you think of a better reason to drastically reduce the size and power of the federal government?



Light bulb comes on.  I've pondered over why the MSM all piled in, in unison, on the Dean war whoop. There you go.


"When Howard Dean called for the United States to take a more ‘even-handed role’ in the Arab-Israeli conflict, Senator Joseph Lieberman accused him of selling Israel down the river and said his statement was ‘irresponsible’. Virtually all the top Democrats in the House signed a letter criticising Dean’s remarks, and the Chicago Jewish Star reported that ‘anonymous attackers … are clogging the email inboxes of Jewish leaders around the country, warning – without much evidence – that Dean would somehow be bad for Israel.’


The other mystery has been why the MSM wanted to oust GHWB so badly.  Of course he and Baker were getting just the slightest bit testy at being pushed around by Israel. GWB got the message and was their prison beeyatch from start to finish.


The Clintons are highly reliable.


Re: What the fight in Israel is all about.


Re: What the fight in Israel is all about.

Hawken Cougar
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bruce MN

Re: I don't understand these Palestinians

Sounds much like Ireland for most of the last Century.


Or a bunch of farmers in a neighborhood who curse each otehr under their breath, will go to war over tile or a boundray and then will  become the dangdest band of brothers you ever saw if somebody just whispers  "powerline" or a "pipeline".