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Senior Advisor

Re: Happy Mothers day from team Obama

@schnurrbart wrote:

Yeah and tens of millions of dollars to help ease the pain.  Have you had cancer?  If not, you don't know squat about it.  If you think ms romney has it rough, what do you think about the single mom working for $9-$10/hour with one kid in day care and two others in school?  Maybe she has had cancer also.  Maybe she doesn't have insurance and no millionaire husband.  I'm sure she would trade places with ms romney in a second.

What does any of that have to do with calling Mrs. Romney lazy and our of touch?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Happy Mothers day from team Obama

First of all no one called her lazy.  The second thing is that will all her money, she knows that in a heartbeat if she wanted, she could hire nannies, cooks, maintenance workers, anything she wanted or needed.  Maybe she doesn't have any of those things but the knowledge that she could have a way to take care of all her problems could be gotten if she needed it.  The REAL working mother like the one I described doesn't have that security therefore, much more pressure is on her.  She has a boss she has to please in order to keep her low payiing job.  Ms. romney has never had that problem of worrying about whatifs.  Therefore, she is out of touch with the reality of the women who work at being a homemaker AND working to earn money to take care of her family and home.  If you can't understand that, then don't bother coming back with some asinine remark.