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Hawken Cougar
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BA Deere
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Re: A mailman and model citizen.

There was no one like him whinning at the Wisconsin capital, that`s for sure.  That`s the WWll, greatest generation for you.  

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Re: A mailman and model citizen.

I just attended the funeral of the father of a good friend.  The man passed away of a heart attack at the age of 85 while out helping put up flags at the local cemetery Friday before Memorial Day weekend.  The man was chemist who work up until the age of 78 plus for many years he delivered Sunday papers in the wee hours to rural residents.  Great family man who also served on the local school board for a spell.  He was a well like man who never said a bad word about others.



For the record he was a staunch Democrat who was always very active in politics.  I joked with his sons how there father was probably disappointed that he did not live long enough to see if Palin's bus tour would be coming through NC Iowa.