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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: war on poverty, sucess / failure

Just got back, a few days ago, from a trip to Florida to visit a sick relative, and as a sidebar I took the family to Busch Gardens in Tampa, and also toured Ibor City, a cigar mfc center during the days of the Cuban unrest preceding the Spanish American war. Row houses that were sold to the cigar workers for about $800 were part of the tour, and it was a bit unsettling to me to see these houses, without indoor plumbing or modern furnaces, or virtually any other "necessity". What was unsettling was that I realized that basically that is how I grew up and how close to the immigrant experience I actually lived.


And I never heard my father or mother ever saying anything about how the government "ought" to do this or to do that or anything. My parents paid their bills, did without any luxuries, and never voted for LBJ or any of his false promises. THey believed in family and thrift and work, and that has served my family a whole lot better than the crap sandwich the liberals offer up.


Why is it that the people that are so stingy with their own money are so generous when it comes to the public trough?


Re: war on poverty, sucess / failure


  Lies, Daamn Lies and Statistics