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Memo on Paul

You haven't recieved it yet, apparently.


It is important to the Paul purists, the geeky gold-bugs and "3 cereal box tops" Austiran economists sorts who feel that he is exclusvley theirs.  A well kept secret.  


All of these kids and old hippies who are supporting him because of the 2 primary facts that he is anti-imperialist, anti-reckless war and is in favor of a full review and accounting of the financial and monetary system in this country and a holding to account of those individuals and institutions who have gamed it aren't really all that welcome unless they pay proper homage to Ludwig von Mises and Freidrich Hayek.


And the cultural wingers who support him on his views on human reproduction and other causes won't trust you either don.   You're obviously up to something.....probably up to no good.   Smiley Very Happy

Re: a fan of the k man

You're drinking the kool aide Bruce.  Take when Krugo advocated for a housing bubble, he went back and tried to say he didn't, but people put together enough of his statements that it was undeniable that that is exactly what he was doing.  As he did again in 2008 when, as 'nox pointed out he demanded more stimulus, the more was to blow more of a bubble.  As to backing up his krap with charts.  Take a look at the post 'nox had a few days ago with krugys charts, it was spin.  Trying to prove Obama had created jobs with charts that were factual but told a very small part of the story.  A couple years back there were some grad students who had made the habit of disecting and demolishing Krackmans posts, to the point that he just started deleting all their posts and disabling commenting.  .  You people need to grow out of your idolization of these political icons, and that is what slugo is a political icon.    Appraise things for what they are instead of what you've been conditioned to accept.

Re: a fan of the k man

I think the most troubling aspect of the housing bubble is that yes, the Bush administration desperately wanted one but nobody could even begin to imagine the lightening speed with which methods of eliminating any form of underwriting standards were invented once it was apparent that nobody was watching the store- in fact they left the back door open, the lights on. a couple of wheelbarrows handy and a stack of get out of jail free cards.

Re: a fan of the k man

I've been followintgthis descent of the irrelevant and archaic and finding of one person to focus frustration on and it's one of the more ugly bits fo prededation I've ever seen.


And you just highlighted some of the hi-lites.  Your obsession is the personification of what you accuse.  But we'll never settle that.


His view on the stimulus is, and was then, that it was grossly innadequate.  Said that from the beginning and teh Fredman and Hayek types sadi that no, austerity is the only possible answer,  He said the amount that was being offered up would do no more than back fill state and local govt. and hardly anything more.  He felt it was a fraction of what would be needed to have much of an effect at all.  That didn't happen to the degree he advised, as everybody knows, and isn't going to happen. 


 So in response to all of that,  all that he's been doing lately is chronicling the continuing decline, with a focus on the Eurozone and responding to detractors who have become obsessed with the failuress of their policies and views and are looking for a pissing post and find him to be convenient becauseu he has the audacity to point those failings out.


Nobody has taken any of his advice. Obama, Gethner nor Bernake,,,,??,,,  They haven't gone anywhere near where he'd suggest, yet are somehow credtied with having done so BECAUSE THINGS HAVEN"T GOTTEN BETTER IT MUST BE THAT THE GOVT AND THE FED ARE LISTENING TO THAT BLASTED KRUGMAN!!!!!!!... Which is bull crap because in following what they are doing it becomes obvious to anybody who would look at the record honsetly that they are still listenitng to the ever more failed and complict in decline supply siders. 


Re: a fan of the k man

Go back and read the kmans post about debt not mattering. And think about it.

Re: a fan of the k man

Yep the left the shop so open that the criminals just moved in.