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Senior Contributor

Re: Beyond Belief .....

(Twist all you want.  America is on to your twisting words, and the truth.)

Now my words, they are paddle-pops words - and BTW, I know she believes it but I couldn't believe she was dumb enough to say it, out loud and into a microphone, either.


Veteran Advisor

Re: Beyond Belief .....

I’m sure whatever was said, was a sound bite taken out of context, like always.  

How many times have you guys come on here, having to clarify what Trump said, or to say what he said was a joke.  Well, maybe Nancy Pelosi was “ just kidding”.    It’s the excuse you guys have used for four years.  

I haven’t been challenging you guys on what you have been saying a Democrat said for the most part.  I think it’ll be a waste of time, like I said.   Trump is going to lose the election on his own, from his big mouth, and his lack of leadership.  That is where the election is going to be won or lost - I could really care less the crap you take out of context, and present here over and over.  Nobody is listening....

Republicans can’t win an election, without lying....


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Re: was this a hate crime canuck

I asked canuck since it was in Canada.  I think if it was swastikas on a holocaust monument people would be freaking out, but sickle and hammer on a memorial to victims of communism, meh just vandalism.  Victims of communism outnumber holocaust victims.

And get this outrage about tire marks on a street:

A post from the West Vancouver PD on Twitter explained further: "You'll see the tire marks in the photo. The suspect accelerated at a high rate of speed, leaving tire skid marks across the pedestrian crosswalk as well as along Esquimalt Ave. We are hoping that someone will recognize the vehicle and contact us.