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wealth tax

Progressives- 2% of wealth over $50M should be taxed

Republicans: "Communism!!!!"

Republicans: 2% of people should die so that our wealth is not impaired.

Republicans" Yeah, duh".


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Re: wealth tax

I think many talented people have worked hard for a long time to have such wealth. I understand the frustration that many singers or football players earn a lot of money for a job that isn't the hardest. However, most of them put their lives in danger each day, and they don't have the guarantee that tomorrow they will be able to play as well as today or sing as well. I love following and reading about important people in Wealthy Living, and once I understood how they live, I changed my mindset and became more tolerant of this topic.

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Re: wealth tax

I bet you really suck as a grain cart operator old brainless one.