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Senior Advisor

weirder stuff

Thinking about Biden's former employee and accuser, and that she's said that she loves Russia and Putin with all her heart and soul and opposes US imperialism, etc.

As far as that goes my view in this age of nihilism is, well, at least he only assaulted one woman.

She is not, as the internet has alleged, the woman from Dr. Phil who claimed that her three children were fathered by Putin and she'd soon be going to marry him.

Allowing that human weirdness knows no limits I'm still hard pressed to find anything to admire in the New Soviet Union or its Chekist dictator who came out on top in the Game of Thrones. Except maybe doped up athletes and high end hookers.

But if you think that is a small sliver of the human condition, consider that when Putin's NY PR firm released the glam shots of his pale and heaving bosom under a rifle, the entire wingerspere went all in gay for him.

Right here in River City we saw priapic tumescence of a degree not seen since the Age of Palin.