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well comrades, tax reform up next

The failure of the repeal of the ACA taxes is a bit of a problem but we're getting into the true reason for existence for Ryan and the GOP- to deliver tax relief to the wealthy who provide most of their campaign contributions.


Both Ryan and Trump's campaign proposals didn't do much for middle and working class people but hard to say whether The Folk will catch on or whether they'll just be happy that people below them on the ladder are getting kicked. And, of course, that those Good Jobs will appear followaing the billionaire bonanza.


Might be a few defectors in the (highly depleted) more "moderate" wing of the GOP but in general both the freedom caucus and mainstream GOP's entire purpose is to give tax breaks to the wealthy and build character among the lazy and feckless poor.


So I assume they'll pass something.

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Re: well comrades, tax reform up next

Tank the filibuster for a tax bill?