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well maybe


Ha- Blame yourself and your own dammed party.


Just maybe you will stop voting against your own interests.

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thread moved


This about the COOL decision, and is in respons eot BA in the farm/biz forum.


Someone moved my thread without my permission or knowledge.


If this keep up, I will have no choice but to end my campaign.

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Re: thread moved

I'm beginning to think it is time to turn the asylum over to the insane jerks wandering around the halls.  Let the holier than thou rightwingers, teabaggers and miscellaneous fools that inhabit this place have it!!

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Re: well maybe

Charles Grassley, Joni Ernst and Steve King...all people that I vored FOR.  All voted Against the Omnibus/repeal COOL Bill.  YOUR OBAMA is going to sign the goll damned thing into LAW.  I voted against Obama because he is someone that is against MY INTERESTS.