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Senior Contributor

Re: well, they left the union

@r3020 wrote:

No cops. No one to enforce the laws. That is their demand.

Antifa is wanting to take over every leftist city on the west coast. Eventually, everything else. 

This election in 146 days is for the survival of our Republic. There are groups that will take them on, if the Federal military doesn’t. 

If Antifa is holed up in cities, seal them in and wait. No police, no problem. 

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: well, they left the union

Antifa is spreading like a virus and more deadly than Covid19 (not too shabby for a organization that supposedly doesn`t exist).  Every time full fledged communism took over it was a handful of terrorists that committed it.  This was always going to eventually happen, it`s just I thought my gray would be a little less gray when they came over the horizon....aim small, miss small  🙂

The next year is going to be a very dangerous time regardless which party prevails Biden/Kamala Harris will pave the road for communism, President Trump will fight it, but there are a lot of damned dumb fools in this country that will give us another 4 years of violence.  And if evil doesn`t prevail this election, they`ll just try it again in 2024 and I`ll have more gray hair.