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what a small world

 Maybe she could recommend a good lawyer.



In a really strange turn of events, it has been discovered that bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc worked at Ultra Gentleman's Club in West Palm Beach, FL, the same strip club that Stormy Daniels performed at back in April, WPTV reported.

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Re: what a small world

Cohen ,    Manafort  ,  Flynn ,   or  even  Rudy  might  have  a  suggestion   -  maybe ?  

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Re: what a small world

Naw. Him and stormy are in the same business. She could give him much better advice.

Re: what a small world



You mean one of Pres. Jesus Hoorhumper's dozens of bimbos?

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Re: what a small world

November is going to be rather hard on some poor souls around here.  


Once you see all the connections, you can't unsee them.  

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Re: what a small world

You are probably correct BUT if you are wrong, whatcha gonna do them???

Re: what a small world

For the King of “whataboutism”:

Exactly 50 years ago I worked as a milk truck driver for a couple of years for a small privately owned creamery. Summers and weekend relief drive while attending College.

The family who owned the business were nice people. As it turns out they got bigger and are now a very prominent economic player in the our state....and one of the most influential families in Minn GOP politics.

Nobody has ever challenged me as a DFL acticvist, precinct delegate in 3 different locales or District or State Convention delegate or campaign worker in too many races to recall, based on who I worked for once upon a time.

Thin soup.
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Re: what a small world

Karl on the bizarre events:


Let's do the probability stack shall we?

Let's start with the probability of mailing a dozen+ envelopes containing devices and not being questioned in any way, and them getting to their destinations "as we've been sold."

1. You mail them.

2. You don't take them to the counter, because if you did you'd be busted instantly.  So you drop them in a box.

3. None have sufficient postage and it's grossly insufficient.  This is ignored.

4. The stamps aren't canceled, despite being protocol to do so.

5. The packages do not have a barcode routing label added to them (which is also protocol for a stamped package) -- not one of them.

6. They then pass through multiple mail handling facilities and nobody flags them for any of the above, nor do any of the automated machines (including the postage insufficiency .vs. weight)

7. Finally, a courier is said to have delivered the one to CNN -- not the mailman.  How'd he get it?

So you want to know what happened?  Here's the most likely probability stack-up.

Nutbag mails the packages.  They are caught immediately at the origin PO and, since none have adequate postage, they're not sent onward -- nor is the postage canceled.  At this point someone gets very suspicious (gee, you think?) and one of them is opened.  The authorities are contacted.

Now you'd think the immediate next act is to trace the sender via whatever means you can and arrest him.  Nope, because that wouldn't fit the FBI's narrative and their desire to destroy the Administration -- Trump is bad, Trump is evil, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is inspiring people to violence, etc.

So they hand-deliver the packages instead, having inspected them and knowing they are harmless.

This explains the courier at CNN, it explains none of them have canceled stamps, and it explains how they traveled through the system without having tracking barcodes added to the non-machine addresses and postage.  They didn't travel through the system -- the FBI transported them instead, by hand and on purpose knowing full well what they were.

They thus got their optics.

It also explains who nobody went bananas at CNN and instead took a picture of the damn thing.  The courier knew it wasn't a bomb and so did all the LEOs involved.  Since they knew it wasn't dangerous they were not in any way concerned about standing next to it taking pictures for the media.  Nobody in their right effing mind stands next to what they believe is an active and armed explosive device.

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Re: what a small world

My dad drove as relief driver on a milk route about that time, driving weekends. He often took me. It was a grade b route picking up 100 lb milk cans. Quite an experience. A few farms never had a dock. Many never even had a cooler and during the summer we brought it all back to them the next day. In the middle of the route we had to move cans up a deck and the empties down. By the time we got to the creamery it was very nice and cool. But a few minutes after beginning unloading we began getting hot steamed empties back and it slowly transitioned from a nice cool environment to an unbearably hot environment. We were always instructed to stir the cans from certain farms so the inspector wouldn’t see the flies. One farm would be beautiful with a slide out cooler and nice dock and the next with an outside wall of the house opened up so they could use one room of the house for a hog house, chest high weeds and had to carry the cans a hundred yards. Just about exactly 50 years ago. Quite an experience

Re: what a small world

Yup. Saw a lot.


Just this morning a contractor and a plumber were here to schedule moving our gas meter from the basement to outside of the house.


My beloved apologized for a pile of canning jar boxes left over from an applesauce making project. They both chuckled and let us know that we had no idea of what a cluttered basement looked like.