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Re: Who Caused This Situation?????

@bruce MN wrote:

I'd pulled up the first article from the original site...was referring to 'red" Texas, Mississippi. Florida having passed laws.


Didn't read your other links. Was there a veto from the Whitehouse and then an override? Or did it pass with such a margin that a veto wouldn't have been an issue. If so, then one h#ll of a lot of Republicans must have voted for it.


Crazy thing abou these laws is that they came about outside of the usual realm of crony capitalism. Who was supposed to benefit? The plants in Canada and Mexico maybe? NAFTA involved somehow.


For sure, in the end, not the first horse. A bolt popped into the skull and a quick trip to that big race track, corral or pasture in the sky a much better fate than what has happened.


And nobody realizes just how tough it is to dispose of a dead horse. You pretty much have to commit a crime in this state to do so. Rendering works won't take them. Almost impossible to compost them...and not legal either. And burial needs to be above a prescribed water table line that is virtually non-existent in most of it. Sending them off to a place where a good % of the animal can be recycled for useful nutrition helps with some of the disposal and attendant environmental issues.


Is there still a market for hides? Starving and eventually rotting in the desert or freezing to the tundra can't be good for that.

There is no legal use for any part of the horse now that the ban has become law.  You should read down through those other links as well.  It is eye opening to see who voted for what.


It is like most other government micromanagement ideas, they end up doing much more damage than any proposed "good" that they were intended to bring forth.


I have been down a few dead end roads in my county the past few years about Thanksgiving time..... the ghastly piles of dead horses, pulled apart by the coyotes, are almost unbelievable.


Some of them were dumped into the Middle River and ended up floating up on sand bars downstream near Carlisle.  Some, you can never even find, but your nose sure lets you know that a dead horse is in the area.  The Turkey Vultures are almost so fat that they can't fly very well and the coyotes have given up on eating rabbits.... too much work, when the dead horse carcasses are so plentiful.

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Re: Who Caused This Situation?????

Too bad they don't export some horse's a$$es as well. We have an over abundance of them.

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Re: Yes.........

@kraft-t wrote:

Too bad they don't export some horse's a$$es as well. We have an over abundance of them.

Yes, especially an overbundance of those jacka$$es of the donkey party.