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what if Democrats win the house

looks like Trump just has to have plenty of ink in the veto pen.


Good essay from Mr. Williams on how democracies end up as demo-crazies and property rights disappear. Now for the coffee shop crowd that is full of envy for the person that through good ancestors, good marriage, or...heaven forbid...delayed gratification....managed to acquire property, well those good coffee drinkers love a total democracy that can vote the land holder out of his property rights.....this is not what the founding fathers had in mind.

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Re: what if Democrats win the house

The problem with everything being free is no one is left to stock the shelves. Venezuela figured this out after it was too late.

Re: what if Democrats win the house

Hhhmmm. Rammed through two Jesuit test tube fascists below the cloture threshold?


BTW, do you send yourself little love letters throughout the day?

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Re: what if Democrats win the house

"delayed gratification"  a term I don't see much anymore, whether it relates to purchases or sex, the left in American wants it now and they want somebody who has used delayed gratification to pay for their desire.

Voting Democrat this election is voting for chaos and destruction.  Anybody thinking otherwise is just not paying attention.  They have no constructive ideas, only destruction.  Take, take is the mantra, disguised as give, give.  Their ideas are to make everybody miserable, not elevate but to tear down.


The old Democrat party is dead.  

BA Deere
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Re: what if Democrats win the house

If the Dems take the House by even a smaller margin than is normal for a midterm election, the damned "objective" media will spin it as "The worm has turned! All hail Speaker Pantyhosey!!!".   Even if the Republicans hold the senate, if the Dems take the House many GOP Senators will become politically wobbly and might see the election as "the country wants us to cross the aisle".   It will be much simpler if the Republicans win the table decisively, watching Dem heads explode will be worth the price of admission 🙂

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Re: what if Democrats win the house

Given that they don't gain the senate, I'd think they will mostly work at protecting the deep state from any further investigations and keeping Trump at the edge of impeachment with yet more of the daily outrage. 

Re: what if Democrats win the house

Nothing the matter with being an heir.


Except maybe that it tends to not engender the humility that it should regarding one's good fortune and actually seems to make the recipients more determined to prove why the are the Real Victims and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps.*


*Our pail calf POTUS even went so far as to manufacture an elaborate false origin story- the exact opposite of the false one he manufactured for his predecessor.

a cautionary tale

comes from Deuteronomy and your neighboring IA 4th District.


The Lord cautioned the Israelites "not to say I did it with my own hands" when he ushered them into the Promised Land but in the case of the IA 4th every single, solitary man, woman and child is an unrepentant bootstrap tugger.


They are a stiff necked people, less likely to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than a camel through the eye of the needle-even if their children and grandchildren do have the very finest young stock at the county fairs.


Purple ribbons as earthly rewards.

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Re: a cautionary tale

You spend allot of time fabricating other peoples sins. 

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if they don't

prog's are promising  revolution:


Though James Cromwell was honored at the fourth annual Carney Awards for his work as a character actor, the industry veteran has worked as a political activist his entire career.

On the red carpet at the Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Calif., he candidly shared his thoughts about the current political climate.


“This is nascent fascism. We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state — all we needed was an excuse, and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism,” Cromwell told Variety on Sunday night. “If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.”


“We’re living in very curious times, and something is coming up which is desperately important to this country and to this planet, and that is an election, in which hopefully in some measure we are going to take back our democracy,” Cromwell said. “We will have a government that represents us and not the donor class. We will cut through the corruption, [and] we won’t have to do what comes next, which is either a non-violent revolution or a violent one, because this has got to end.”


Not Sure if ElCheapo endorse this speech or not.