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Re: what trump needs to

(...the problem with your president... is they have not or maybe are not able to admit that he lost the popular vote. that more people actually wanted Clinton for president that he got the prize only because of the way your system is set up.)


You have to give the Russians credit for trying, they just didn't understand how our Presidential elections are won.  I'm sure Hillary wasn't happy with her campaign person, in charge of Russian interference in our election, and how that person failed to properly inform Russia about our electoral vote system.


(I do believe that in his mind (and maybe in the minds of many of his supporters it is an even greater slap in the face to have lost the vote to a WOMAN!)


You and other Canadians may hate women, we like em here.  Well, unless your a liberal Democrat, and the Woman is not.

Maybe we should elect a woman, and then boot them out after 5 months, like Canada did to their only female PM.

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Re: what trump needs to



You seriously don't know that Congress is subject to the ACA ?


Ummm one or all of the failed proposals thus far has said repeal, except for us.


LOOK it up, you are embarrassing yourself.



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Re: what trump needs to

"Beer, summer sausage and donuts" for a meeting on healthcare, irony anyone?    Smiley Happy


But the 31 million or 23 million that will "lose" their free insurance if the unaffordable healthcare act is repealed, does anyone think they might just keep doing what they`ve been doing the last 50 years and stiff the health system with their bill?    As it is now, insurance companies are pulling out, leaving states with one insurance choice, pretty soon none...that ol` thingy about "leading a horse to water...."     Under Obamacare premiums have doubled and tripled and deductibles have sky rocketed, rending health insurance to only be catastrophic. All that just to put 23 or 31 million deadbeats on free insurance, for which they`ll take 2 parking spaces and tool into the ER on a scooter to have their toe nails clipped, just as they`ve always done.   

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BA - Send me your address so I can send you your exaggerator's diploma. You have earned it.


ACA victims to become hostages

The victims primarily being the few percent of the total insured who have healthy families, are in the individual market and who make too much to receive a subsidy.  A few percent probably overstates but it is over represented here.


While you were unlikely to get a great deal of relief from versions 1-3 you're really going to get killed with repeal only- in fact you may even get to be the guy where Fox trots out the reporter to do the story on how you can stay in business or have insurance, but not both.



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Re: what trump needs to

BA, I think you are really totally clueless, maybe on purpose - about this insurance problem.  It's NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL for around 93% of Americans.  I have health insurance, and in a few years will be going on Medicare ( if it still exists) and will probably still carry a part of the plan I have now for the rest of my life.


Those that are about to lose to coverage?  All you farmers, and business owners that are self employed, or those not employed, like all the out of work coal miners whose jobs aren't coming back, is who the Republicans in office are going to hurt.


And, yes, if it happens, it will be like before.  Where you don't have insurance, go to the ER, knowing they HAVE TO TREAT YOU, and then you stiff them, with not EVER INTENDING TO PAY.


That's why the poor didn't like Obamacare.  Their care was already free, in what I outlined above.  Under Obamacare, they were at least forced to pay something.  


But, they 23 or 31 million you refer to, are many on here.  Mostly, those that hate the fact that I have health insurance, and mine didn't go up the double or triple like you said.  So you think the farmers on here, the business owners across America are deadbeats?  Because, that is what you said....SAD!!!!


Tick Tock.....BONGx8!!!!!!!!



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Re: what trump needs to

What we need is a complete repeal of Obama care effected 6-30-19. Then the repubs can run on their bill for the 18 election and the dems can run on their bill. Let the voters choose the one they like best. That bill can then be implemented effective 7-1-19.

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Re: what trump needs to

Don`t be selfish Jen, just because you got a sweetheart government plan and pension, don`t say "to hell with everyone else!" .  Before Obama meddled insurance was high, but it got much worse, the real kicker is for many the deductibles went up to the point it`s only good for catastrophic`s high priced AND worthless.   



Illinois Health Insurance Premiums Jump Double Digits

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA — The Illinois Department of Insurance recently announced new health insurance rates that will go into effect for 2016, leaving many Illinoisans to face double-digit premium hikes.

Come next year, some Illinois health care consumers will see their premiums jump by up to 40 percent, with many others on the lowest-cost plans seeing average rate spikes of 15 to 20 percent.

Illinois’ major insurer, Blue Cross, will be increasing its individual health care premiums by an average of 17.8 percent. Blue Cross insures nearly 80 percent of consumers enrolled in Affordable Care Act plans. This premium hike is expected to affect over 329,000 Illinoisans. Changes to deductibles and other health plan elements will also shift more health care-related expenses onto consumers.

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Advisor Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“Over 329,000 Illinoisans will see their health premiums spike by double digits, even though the ACA was supposed to lower health care costs for consumers. Thousands of hardworking Illinois consumers face increased financial burdens because of Washington’s one-size-fits-all approach to health care. It’s no wonder that just like health care premiums, national disapproval for the law continues to rise.”

President Obama Said That Health Care Premiums Would Decrease Through The ACA

President Obama: “Your Premiums Will Go Down.” “‘So when you hear about the Affordable Care Act — Obamacare — and I don’t mind the name because I really do care.  That’s why we passed it. You should know that once we have fully implemented, you’re going to be able to buy insurance through a pool so that you can get the same good rates as a group that if you’re an employee at a big company you can get right now — which means your premiums will go down.’” (Glenn Kessler, “President Obama’s Claim That Insurance Premiums ‘Will Go Down,’” The Washington Post, 8/10/12)

Instead, Health Insurance Premiums Across The Nation Are Spiking…

“Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases For 2016.” “Several regulators around the country…have approved all or most of the big premium increases sought by the largest health plans in their states for the new sign-up season that begins Nov. 1.” (Louise Radnofsky and Stephanie Armour “Insurers Win Big Health-Rate Increases,” Wall Street Journal, 8/27/15)

In Illinois, Health Care Premiums Are Set To Increase By Double Digits, With Some Increasing By As Much As 40 Percent

Some Illinois Residents Will See Their Health Premiums Rise By 40 Percent Or More. “Illinois residents are dealing with hefty inflation when they log on to for the Affordable Care Act’s third open enrollment season, which began Nov. 1. Some health care consumers are seeing rate increases of 40 percent or more.” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)

The Lowest-Cost Health Plans In Illinois Will Have Rates Increase By 15 to 20 Percent. “Rate increases for the lowest-cost plans in the majority of counties are in the 15 to 20 percent range, according to the Illinois Department of Insurance.” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)

Consumers Receiving Insurance Through Blue Cross Will See Average Premium Increases Of 17.8 Percent. “Blue Cross is the target of a lot of consumer unhappiness. The state’s dominant health insurer raised 2016 premiums an average of 17.8 percent on individual policies sold on or off the exchange, according to” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)

Blue Cross’ Premium Hikes Could Affect More Than 329,000 People. “But Blue Cross’ price jump could affect more than 329,000 people in Illinois, according to its rate filing.” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)

Blue Cross Insures Roughly 80 Percent Of Those Enrolled In ACA Plans. “Roughly eight out of every 10 of those who enrolled in ACA plans are insured by Blue Cross.” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)

“Blue Cross Also Made Changes To Deductibles And Other Cost-Sharing Elements That Shift More Health Care Expenses To Consumers.” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)

Blue Cross Said That 2014 Claims Outpaced Individual Policy Premiums By Nearly $280 Million. “In its 2016 rate filing, Blue Cross said claims in 2014 outpaced premiums on individual policies by nearly $280 million.” (Ameet Sachdev, “Blue Cross Premiums Jump More Than 17 Percent In Illinois,” Chicago Tribune, 11/16/15)




Re: what trump needs to'd buy that

I'd go along with some version of that under a couple of conditions.


The first and most important that the ACA and the exchanges continue to be administered in the interim  as they have been. The Trump administration has indicated (and in some cases acted) that they are going to use a poison pill approach which would make your proposal moot.


But, yeah, call the Dems who are running out on whether they really do favor universal care and make them run on a plan. Which would put feet to the fire on a large number of them who heretofore have only used that notion as lip service but are deeply beholden to the health care and insurance complexes for support.  Let them paint or get off the ladder.


fLet the GOP come up with a specific, ready to drive turnkey plan and let them run on that.


i'd roll the dice with that. 


Kudod.  Good creative thinking.

Senior Contributor

Re: what trump needs to

I like the idea....Makes sense. Probably would not get done in Washington because of that reason.