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when is a record not a record?

I thought the Orlando mass shooting record would stand for some time, but silly me. When given the appropriate tools human ingenuity knows no bounds.


But now they're talking about limiting semi-auto to auto conversions. That's like making everybody after Babe Ruth hit a whiffle ball.


Maybe it should go in the record books with an asterisk.

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Re: when is a record not a record?

So I take it you are looking for a higher number next time.

Re: when is a record not a record?

Can't really argue with a statistical trend.


Also assume that regardless of what "voluntary" measures the NRA undertakes there will be ever more high powered tools available for the purpose. And there is the general ideation effect- the Columbine shooters set off a wave of school shootings that is only recently subsiding, hopefully. Many millions of people out there and a few get some crazy notions if something sparks the thought.


BTW, odd as this case is I can't find a reason to do anything other than see where the official investigation leads. As far as any conspiracies go, nobody really wins on the politics of it- both sides just get angrier but nobody much changes their view.


The only clear winner was the gun industry as far as a short term bump in sales and stock prices, but I'm taking that as just another stroke of good fortune for them.

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Re: when is a record not a record?

Have you seen this trend in graph form?


BBC has it load out.

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Re: when is a record not a record?

Thanks Canuck...a good piece.  And it's not going to stop.  One simply has to look at the guns sales after each of these events, and it only increases sales.  The maker of that bump stock probably wishes they had warehouses of the things right they cold make a killing.....literally....


Tick Tock.....BONGx9!!!!!!!!!




seems another product that is available on the market but appears to have no legitimate use other than letting gun enthusiasts have exploding targets. The authorities say the suspect had 50 pounds of the stuff.


It gained a bit of fame with the Darwin Award youtube of the guy thinking it would be fun to blow up his old lawn mower so he rigged it with some and started shooting, couldn't get it to go so started shooting from closer- blows his leg off and splatters the camera with blood.


The previous greatest casualty terrorist incident before 9/11 occurred back in the day when you could buy dynamite at the local hardware store.



Not much reason for other than pessimism



Book review. Will probably read it.  To fill in the details, though the review well clarifies the premise: