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while the dems and other enemies of the people

provide a bit of distraction, the country remains firmly in GOP hands and the real fight is between the Koch/Peterson KS gubmint killer corporate fascist austerians and Trump's "populist" jobs for white fellers.


My guess is they'll try to have it both ways- super regressive tax cuts and lesser but severe spending cuts (with the hope of "forcing" entitlement cuts through the "crisis") while Trump will try to do an "off budget" crony capitalist privatized "infrastructure" deal.


Actually about as smooth a one hand washes the other fascist one-two as you'll ever get.


But my guess is that in the end the economy doesn't do particularly well for a lot of obvious reasons. The question remains how quickly anyone catches on since there will be a lot of satisifaction from kicking Mexicans, sluts, trannies and whatnot that'll keep The Folk happy.

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Re: while the dems and other enemies of the people



Like St Raygun, they are only interested in what he SAYS & not what he actually DOES.


Cults don't have to be small and isolated to exist.