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white supremacist prison gang in series

As an expression of social mood, the Sox have done themselves up in the moral equivalent of black guys with big fro's in the 60s and early 70s.


Like some of those guys, in some cases it probably isn't a completely wholehearted social statement as it is a matter of getting carried away with some extreme fashion trend.


But it will be intresting to see how long Taliban-chic has to run.


Boston has a reputation as being the most racially divided city in the US, deserved or not. 


I'd think that a Celtic Cross tattoo on the neck ala' Boondock Saints would be more authentic but probably harder to ditch once the moment has passed.



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Reggie Jackson


Thought of this over the weekend and thought about Reggie. He was moderately fro'ed up at times but for whatever reason he seemed to really #$%^ off some of the biggest racists I knew.


I guess he was, is, pretty cocky, but with a reported 160 IQ I suppose you could understand it a bit.


I was thinking about how that might be viewed in terms of some of the theories of race and intelligence that are put forward here but I admit it is a flawed example. He's half Puerto Rican so if anything would probably be claimed as proof of the heterosis effect. (Remind me again of why interracial marriage is a bad thing?).