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who are the fascists?

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Re: who are the fascists?


Try to get your head around the prospect of any adult American citizen who is in favor of imprisoning someone for the crime of questioning anything (ANYTHING) that goes on in the world. 

What sort of people even dare to say such things aloud?

BA Deere
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Re: who are the fascists?

But they`re extending an olive branch somewhat one the eve of the election.  The branch goes away upon the polls closing tomorrow evening.



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Re: who are the fascists?

Why should anyone give covid amnesty are they admitting it they were wrong and we are supposed to forget the last 2 years and all the lies and deaths caused because of their lies 

They can get amnesty its called a tribunal in the form of Nuremberg 2.0 there were already laws in place for what they've done 

The Atlantic is run by Ghislaines besty and believe pedos are a myth 

Oh hey yeah just forgive us about what we said and did we just really didn't know 🤡 for *****`ck sakes