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why tesla ?

thinking...why is tesla on trumps big co's of the smallest auto maker.  its product has a problem for many buyers.

for people in the midwest, its almost a no go, little over 200 miles, then you are out of power and have to charge for a while.

plus, not that many charging stations.....


tesla's new model 3 is about $35,000, Chev has the Bolt, $37495 and ford max energy se  $27120


i think hybrids are good, and ford has an affordable one, but only 50 miles on elec, but around 25 K


but here's the deal....we're going to have the pipeline, we're going to drill in the parks, we just say oil oil oil, but as

technoloby advances, we are pushing elec cars, to less fuel, and wind and solar.........with all that oil around

and a decline in demand.....maybe best NOT to have all the oil ???


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Re: why tesla ?

You missed the most popular electric car of the lot - the Nissan Leaf, which is what we have. Fully electric, have had it for 1.5 years now. Love the car. We have 15000 miles on it - no problems. It gets around 100 miles per charge. We use it almost exclusively for all our small trips, and all Missan dealers charge it for free on their 480 volt 3 phase charger. We have been able to eliminate about 80% of the trips with our Jeep Grand Cherokee, and, looking at ONLY fuel costs, it costs us about 1.5 cents per mile to run the Leaf, vs. almost 17 cents per mile with our Jeep. But then, we charge it with our own solar system, so the cost really to run it is, for power only, virtually nothing. Maintenance on the Leaf is basically nothing beyond tire rotations. The battery is warrented for 100,000 miles. For us, and our driving habits, it was a no brainer.