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Senior Advisor

winners writing the history

Trite little piece of snidery from the AG, but really not so true. May be in authoritarian societies which, given his history, you assume he's confident will cover his tracks.

But the Confederacy arguably won the Civil War by rewriting history into their Noble Lost Cause and used it to install a system that was in many ways better then the old one in terms of keeping the small elite in charge and the whites happy just keeping the blacks down. For the sake of national unity textbooks and popular history sorta played along in the "Blue or Gray, you decide" game.

More recently, as early as the late 40s the American Nazis* were having to lay a bit low but began circulating the meme that National Socialism was actually left wing (because socialism was in the name) and we were sorta on the wrong side, or at least shouldn't have trucked with the Soviets, or attacked them next, or something. None of it makes any historical sense but that meme has been percolating through the wingersphere and has arisen to something like orthodoxy today.

*not knuckleheads marching with swaztika flags. Bircher industrialists and bankers, remnants of America First etc.