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won't bother to post at marketing

but about the question asked of whether removal of China soybean tariffs would pop prices (yes) and whether that is likely to occur before the election (no).


But take heart because Trump has promised to take care of "his farmers" (and they are indeed his).


This is unquestionably the most power hungry and corrupt administration in history- no point in denying it- just a matter that the burdens of The Folk were so immense that somebody had to do something.


So I'm pretty certain that if the crop continues to progress then sometime before the election they'll do something along the lines of using CCC to buy up inventory.


I'm still thinking about the implications of that, policy wise.



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Re: won't bother to post at marketing

Keep thunking noxious, you just can't be correct some of the time....


While the SPLC

hasn't yet listed the AFBF as a hate group or domestic terror organization, it may be close.


The people here aren't exactly major players in the game, but any outsider* observing would quickly conclude that the purse strings need to be cut.


There may in fact be some longer term ramifications for going all in on a radical agenda.


*except for Russian trollmasters, who are licking their chops.

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Re: won't bother to post at marketing

What a cry baby! Grow a pair...