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BA Deere
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Re: worse than the Spanish Flu hoax

If Joe Biden got elected, then the media would flip a switch instead on focusing on the 9 elderly Americans that died from Corona to the 330 million that didn`t die and how they are going to take their Guns away, raise taxes and give them free healthcare & college.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: worse than the Spanish Flu hoax

Your Presidential Medal of Freedom is in the mail.

You and Rush have staked out the extreme left end of the bell curve of possible outcomes. This thing is going to take a year or more to play out so I don't see the purpose in it other than getting there fustest with the mostest lies.

Anything very far up the probability slope from your end is pretty bad and not yet discounted in the markets etc. Roll over the top and down the slope and it is bigger than the GFC.

The requirements for the administration to be competent, message accurately and maintain credibility (good luck on that) are only going to increase.